Insurance Company’s Role

The insurance company’s role is to assess damages to your property that are related to the current claim filed, and to pay for any and all repairs as outlined in your policy.

Contractor’s Role

The contractor is responsible to do the following: determine the scope of damage to the property; upon request, provide an estimate of repairs to you the homeowner and the insurance company; obtain all required permits and approvals in order to perform the work; conduct all repairs necessary in order to correct the damage in question; perform the repair work according to local building codes and requirements; provide all materials and labor necessary to perform the work; invoice the insurance company for the work done; collect all applicable insurance proceeds from you, the homeowner.

Insurance Supplementing

There may be instances where the contractor’s estimate and the insurance estimate for repairs differ based on the actual scope of work and/or the cost of a particular item. In this case, it is the contractor’s obligation to present the differences to the insurance company with documentation supporting the contractor’s position as to why the insurance estimate should be altered. If the contractor’s position can be supported, in most cases, the insurance company will come to an agreement and make changes as needed. The process for reconciling the contractor and the insurance company on these differences is called supplementing. As you can see, it is important to have a contractor who can perform all facets of the work properly—on the construction side as well as on the insurance side.

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