By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.
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We have to say we aren’t surprised that one of the most read articles last month was related to labor. It’s definitely a hot topic and shows that contractors are interested in learning more about how they can help reduce the labor shortage. Training is another area that generated a lot of interest. When we think of training, we often think of training for crews, but this popular article talked about the importance of training your leadership teams and shared ideas on how to do that.
Another area of interest was product performance and energy efficiency. A homeowner did his own unofficial study of how his concrete roof performed versus his new metal roof and the results might surprise you! Last but not least – who doesn’t want to know how a simple offering can lead to more work!
Did you miss seeing any of these articles? No worries! Just follow the links below to see what everyone was most interested in learning more about.
Here are the top 5 articles:
#5 – A lifetime warranty is a good thing – Right? And that is where the confusion begins
#4 – Use Free Inspections to Land More Business
#3 – Metal vs. Concrete
#2 – Elevating your Game – Why Training isn’t just for Field Employees
#1 – When the Job Ladder is and Actual Ladder: 200,000 Construction Jobs and Still no Takers
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