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Various types of residential roofing materials exist on the market and all of them require different maintenance and roof repair plans. For the Denver, Co area, asphalt shingles are most common. One thing to note is that although the part we see is the shingle, there are numerous other components to a good roof and it starts below the shingles. Expert Exteriors Denver, CO has the knowledge and experience to help you with any roof repair project.



Let’s break down the components of a well built roof:



  • Felt Paper (Underlayment) – This is one of the most important components and requires proper installation. Making sure to follow manufacturer’s installation guidelines is equally as crucial. This prevents water from penetrating the substrate and also guarantees the manufacturer will warranty the product if failure occurs.


  • Ventilation –  A roofing system needs proper ventilation to keep the system from failing and falling apart. Proper airflow is required to prevent overheating.The attic should have the correct amount of “intake” and “exhaust” air flow. This is pertinent to keeping the ambient temperatures and outside humidity equal to the inside attic air.


  • Flashing – Roofing systems are designed  around the unique style of the roof and the penetrations the roof system has.Many roofs have chimneys,side-wall intersections, head-wall intersections, skylights, pipes, and other things that require proper flashing. Flashing is a main cause for why roofs either fail or withstand the test of mother nature.


  • Shingle Roof Cladding- Fiberglass shingles include a base layer of glass fiber reinforcing mat. This specific mat is coated with asphalt  which contains mineral fillers and makes the fiberglass shingles waterproof. After which, embedded stoe granules give the shingle color and depth.


What Can Cause A Roof To Leak

Roof leaks are caused by numerous factors from hail damage to sun damaged shingles. However, 90% of all roof leaks are caused by improper installation or defective metal flashing. The actual roofing product rarely fails. This is why having a expert roofing repair contractor makes the difference in a long standing roof. Flashing is found near any roof penetration such as chimney areas, step, apron and valley areas where roof angles join together, During a roof repair, one must also look for any all other roof damage that lead to additional concerns, If leaks and other damages are not addressed, the home’s structure will be weakened since the building frame will be exposed to dampness.

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Quality Roofing Services

Your roof serves as the critical barrier that shields your home from the weather extremes of hail, rain, wind, snow, ice, cold and sun that we experience along the Front Range.  At Expert Exteriors, our priority is making sure your entire roofing system is working together to provide this essential protection from the elements.  From roof deck to ridge vent, gutters to chimney top, we make sure your roof and its components are functioning properly.  We provide exceptional installation and use the best products in the industry.  When it comes to the roof that protects your family – there are no corners worth cutting.

Roof Certification Program

Expert Exteriors offers a two-year and a five-Year Roof Certification Program for real estate and insurance agents specially designed to save industry professionals time and money.

 Services provided during inspection include:

  • Roof system
  • Quality of shingles (storm damage check)
  • Proper installation of all roof accessories (vents, flashing, water barriers, felt)
  • Soft spot detection (decks)
  • Gutters and downspouts (proper installation and storm damage check)
  • Proper installation of drip edge metal on eaves
  • Sealed nail holes
  • Verification that roof meets city codes


It’s a good idea to inspect the roof several times during the year, especially in Winter and Spring, and then clear it off as needed. All of the leaves don’t fall at the same time, so one cleaning may not be enough. Many types of roofs can be damaged by inexperienced people walking on them or working from them, and there is the danger of slipping or falling. If roof damage occurs, you are much more likely to develop a leak, so make sure it is an experienced person on your roof.

It is very important that individuals check their roof for needed repairs regularly. Most opt for spring because of the fair weather and due to the fact that spring storms and heavy rains make you think more about your roofs integrity! Our fair weather in the Denver area provides year round opportunities for you to replace or repair your roof, so don’t wait for the problem to cause any damage. Call us, The Denver Colorado Area’s #1 Residential Roofing Company, for a free analysis and estimate on repair or replacement.

Roof Maintenance Program (RMP)

Save on your personal property repair expenses and businesses overhead.

Preventative care is the smartest option for your body and for your roof!  When everything is working fine, we tend to take things for granted.  The same is true for your home or business building roof system.  Ignoring this critical component of a healthy building can result in premature roof failure and invasive water disrupting people, damaging equipment, destroying inventory and slashing productivity.

A Roof Maintenance Program provides business owners with a proactive maintenance strategy as opposed to more expensive damage and replacement expenses. An RMP from Expert Exteriors is the perfect solution for reducing expenses and increasing profitability.  Find money in your roof instead of spending money on it!

“Minor damage” or wear and tear on the roof, can quickly turn into costly expenses.

For example, a one inch hole or split in the roof that allows the roof to become defective can produce the following damages:

  • Roof Insulation/Substrate
  • Electrical Systems
  • Ceiling Tiles/Drywall/Flooring
  • Home/Office Equipment/Furnishings
  • Personal Possessions
  • Inventory

RMP Components

  1. Scheduled bi-annual detailed visual roof and structural 50 point inspection
  2. Written and photo journal documentation of roof conditions
  3. Detailed roof and component maps including: Vents, Flashing, Skylights, Penetrations
  4. Complete maintenance history archived for ongoing property management
  5. 24hour emergency repair services

RMP Benefits

  • Identifies minor problems before severe damage occurs
  • Protects building owner’s investment
  • Increases roof service life by as much as 50%
  • Reduces out of pocket expenses
  • Maximizes roofing budgets
  • Validates roof material warranty
  • Increases property value
  • Creates a planned and organized system for roof management
  • Established responsible, timely preparation of long-term capital expenditures
  • Each plan custom tailored to every roof

Reasons to think about an RMP:

  • Over 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely
  • 9 out of 10 roofs are installed incorrectly
  • 2/3s of roof failures result from improper installation
  • The average building owner will spends over $127,500 on roofing in their lifetime
  • RMPs can reduce lifetime roofing expenses by 50%
  • Roofing materials have tripled in the past 3 years
  • The average cost of a new commercial roof is $40,000 (10,000 sq. ft. average)
  • Repairs, maintenance and restoration saves thousands of dollars over roof replacement
  • RMPs are tax deductible
  • RMPs typically cost 1% to 3% per year of total estimated replacement costs (dependent on RMP coverage)
  • RMPs can save up to 50% over the life of a 30-year roof compared to replacing a roof every 1 15-20 years
  • Most manufacturer’s warranties REQUIRE PLANNED ROOF MAINTENANCE to remain valid
  • 29% of roof leaks are caused by heating and cooling systems
  • 25% of roof leaks are caused by roofing membrane penetrations (vents, skylights, plumbing pipes)
  • Less than 1% of roof failure is caused by defective roofing materials (poor installation, severe weather and lack of maintenance are typical culprits)

Celina Quinones
Celina Quinones
12:05 31 Aug 18
As a business owner myself every customer I have if they need a roof I refer them to Josh and Charlene. Their team is amazing and goes to leaps and bounds to make their clients happy! I have had my roof replaced by them before and am happy to send my business to such a wonderful family owned company. Cheers to your success Expert Exteriors!read more
anthony tanner
anthony tanner
16:58 18 Aug 18
Expert exteriors came out and put on new roof and new gutters. They replaced all the siding and put in new widows . 90+year old house looks brand new . Need outside work done give them a call . You won't be more
Veronica Phillips
Veronica Phillips
00:47 09 Jun 18
Tom & Crystal make a great team, my husband and I love the work that was done on our roof! Affordable, effecient and responsive. They were readily available to answer all of our questions throughout the entire more
herkimer.J. Fudpucker
herkimer.J. Fudpucker
18:31 20 May 18
Josh and his crew went above and beyond and helped when I needed it the most.
Mark Bueno
Mark Bueno
14:54 10 May 18
In 2016 there was hail damage to my1700 sq ft. roof. Donnell from Expert Exteriors stopped by the day after the storm, took photos of the damage, and sent out all the necessary info to my insurance immediately. The insurance work was scheduled and complete within 2 weeks and the actual work was done in one day. He even mentioned that I had some damage on my 30yr old house siding. He photographed the damage and after months of negotiating with my insurance, Donnell managed to get my entire siding replaced with Diamond Kote Siding. He has very professional roofers and siding installers that really pay attention to their craftsmanship. They do it right the first time and after the final walk around inspection, I didn't find any flaws in their work. He even had contacts to replace some gutters and remove an older working hot tub for me. So after the 2016 hail storm that caused so much damage in Colorado, Expert Exterior and their entire team really work hard for your business. I will be calling them every time when I need work done. Thank you Donnell and your entire staff!read more
Mike George
Mike George
00:06 28 Jan 18
Know these guys for awhile, great company great work ethic!
Cory Steckler
Cory Steckler
01:23 25 Aug 17
5 stars for Cody Wilson and Expert Exteriors. We did a remodel on our house and our contractor tried to get our roof replaced through an insurance claim. The insurance company denied the claim and we thought we were stuck with our damaged roof. Cody looked at our roof and could not believe this happened. He worked with that same insurance company to get our roof replaced, including the new section done at our remodel. He also took care of a previous roof vent leak that we had been dealing with. Cody and Expert Exteriors were great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a more
Kelly Bailey
Kelly Bailey
19:42 05 Jun 17
We would like to give Erick Brock with Expert Exteriors 5 STARS!!!! Erick was very honest and straight forward with us. He told us just how this experience was going to go, and we were unsure because of all the stories you here about people having bad experiences. This whole experience went with out a hitch. From calling our insurance, to having it completed in the time frame that was stated, to the billing. Mandy in the office was very helpful and kind. Thank you so much for our beautiful roof!!!read more
Sandra Blain
Sandra Blain
19:47 25 May 17
We were very pleased with the work done by Expert Exterior and specially Chris Elwar following last year's hail storm. We had our roof done and painted the house and Chris made sure everything was done correctly. He came regularly to inspect the progress on the house and made sure the work was done on time. We recommend Chris and Expert more
Desiree Hessel
Desiree Hessel
03:33 19 Apr 17
Replacing our roof through Expert Exteriors was a seamless experience. The entire process, from start to finish, was handled promptly and professionally. If you are looking for a roofing company that will get the job done quickly and hassle-free, look no further than Expert more
Tom Krings
Tom Krings
21:39 15 Jul 16
We had a great experience getting a new roof with Expert Exteriors. Erick Brock came and looked at our roof, helped us with the claim, met the adjuster at our house, brought us documentation, scheduled it, installed it and set up the ladders for the city inspection. Basically all I did was pick a color for the shingles and tell him a date/time. Will definitely use them again if we ever need a new roof!read more
Danielle Meir
Danielle Meir
22:29 19 Dec 15
Expert exteriors & Christopher Elawar were amazing! He was able to help navigate a complicated situation and make everything run smoothly for us! He was always available to answer questions and was very thorough! We couldn't be any happier! We highly recommend Expert Exteriors and Chris!read more
Kelly Bailey
Kelly Bailey
04:44 10 Dec 15
Doing business with EE was absolutely a pleasant experience. Our roof was in need of replacement and Chris Elawar took care of absolutely everything. He handled the insurance company, the adjustments, the scheduling, the roofers, everything. With ease. It was the most seamless experience you could have with contractors and insurance. I highly recommend Chris Elawar with EXPERT EXTERIORS to anyone looking for a great contractor. read more
Kendra Fernandez
Kendra Fernandez
20:40 02 Jan 15
I highly recommend Expert Exterior for all of your home exterior needs! Expert Exteriors was there for us at a stressful time. We purchased a home and shortly after were told that our homeowner's insurance was dropping us because of the condition of our roof, even though it was signed off on as satisfactory by an inspector. Expert Exteriors responded quickly, educated us on the roofing process, and once they started on the roof it was completed in a day and a half. Their customer service was amazing and the owner, Josh Lucero even made time to stop by and supervise the job. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the level of service they provided, and their knowledge regarding codes. Thank you Expert Exteriors. We will definitely be recommending their services to our family, friends, and neighbors. read more
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Celina Quinones
Celina Quinones
12:05 31 Aug 18
As a business owner myself every customer I have if they need a roof I refer them to Josh and Charlene. Their team is amazing and goes to leaps and bounds to make their clients happy! I have had my roof replaced by them before and am happy to send my business to such a wonderful family owned company. Cheers to your success Expert Exteriors!read more

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