Jon was selected from a pool of interested contractors to represent at Roofing Day.  
By Jon Stantz, Pell Roofing.   
Hello, Jon Stantz here, fresh off the first ever “National Roofing Day in Washington D.C.! I had a wonderful trip, leaving on Tuesday and coming home on Thursday, quite the whirlwind for sure. 
First, a little background on me. I have worked at Pell Roofing and Siding in Brazil, Indiana since 1988, starting as a ground/roofer employee. Our company has been in existence since the early 40’s, starting as General Roofing. We are on the fourth generation of Pell family members working within the company, starting with John B. to John R. then Jeep and Brad and now Brady and Stace Pell. I have moved from roofer to supervisor to sales and now I believe another role is in my immediate future- educator. 
My trip to Washington came as a surprise as I responded to a Facebook inquiry from I was selected to go as a representative of the roofing industry, not sure what I may be facing. After conferring with Vicki Sharples from RCS about my plans, I met my hosts, Heidi and Tim Ellsworth. What a pleasure it was to spend time, ideas and thoughts with them! They are really passionate about the issues we were to talk with our congressmen about. I also met quite a few industry leaders from manufacturing, the director of the NRCA, Reid Ribble and several other roofing contractors. 
Our main concerns on Capitol Hill were workforce development, immigration reform and regulations. We all had meetings with our own senators and representatives, I met with Sen. Todd Young and Rep. Larry Buschon’s legislative aide, Susie Davis. I do believe that we were well received but this will be a slow process. Many changes need to take place for a bright future, we will have to work diligently to keep our message in the forefront of the legislative process. 
My trip wasn’t all work though as we got in a little sightseeing as well. Gene Fowler of Sentry Roofing, Covington, Indiana and I spent the entire day together going through the Capitol building, Library of Congress and the Supreme Court all while discussing our ideas and views.  
Many thanks to my sponsor,, Vicki Sharples, Tim and Heidi Ellsworth for allowing me to be a part of an awesome experience! I look forward to next year with great anticipation as well as continuing my education in life.  
Regards, Jon. 

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