Meet Paige Harvill, company president, wife and mom to four young girls – a very busy woman. Here is how she manages it all. 
Paige Harvill began her career in roofing in 1996 when she started working for her father’s roofing company. After working alongside him for seven years, Paige had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom, rejoining the company after her daughters were older. When Nations Roof acquired her father’s company in December of 2015, Paige took on the role of President which is the position she currently holds at Nations Roof Gulf Coast.  
Her secret to balancing family and work.
Well, it’s not really a secret but it’s a strategy that works for Paige with her busy family. She has two daughters, plus two bonus daughters, and their ages are 14, 12, 11, and 8. Their lives are full of extracurricular activities, doctor appointments and more.  
So, how does she do it? “I surround myself with a great team at work,” she explained. “My team here at Nations Roof really steps in to help out if I need to take my kids somewhere.” She also said that she has a great sitter that is there when the girls get home from school who helps them get settled. With her parents and sister both living over an hour away, it was important for her to build that support system locally that would allow her to find that balance.  
Her advice to women considering a career in the roofing industry.
“When I first came into it, back in 1996, it was more unusual to be a woman in the industry,” she said. “I felt like I always had to know a little more than necessary to prove myself.”  Paige said that while it still is generally a male-dominated industry she has found great support from within the industry through the National Roofing Contractors Association and from her Nations Roof team.  
She also wants women to know that it’s interesting. “One thing about roofing is that it’s always different. There’s never one roof that’s the same,” she explained. “It’s also really neat to drive around town and show my girls that I was on that roof, or to tell them that mom did that roof.” 
Paige said her girls haven’t really shown an interest in roofing, but they do get excited for her when she is asked to serve on industry committees or is recognized for contributing to the industry.  
The best advice she’s received that has helped her with her career has come from her father. “He always said to find a positive in everything and keep working toward the solution.” 
What she’s into outside of work.
Paige said that she loves spending time with family, traveling, going to the beach, fishing, hunting and doing just about anything outdoors. She’s been skydiving twice – the first time was when she was 21 – and she did it to help her get over her fear of flying! It’s something she says she’ll consider doing with her girls when they are older.  
Paige lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband Judd, their four girls, Emily (14), Taylor (12), Ava (11), and Reagan (8), and two yellow labs named Cinco and Bay. 
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