They needed to find national partners that could meet their needs quickly and the Hapco Portable Repair Kit fit the bill for this contractor.
When Nations Roof started its new, nationwide RoofCare Service Center program this past year, they needed solutions that would allow them to streamline their services and offerings. It was important for them to find national partners that could provide what they needed quickly so that they could take care of their customers’ needs in a timely manner.
Jennifer Stone, Manager, RoofCare Service Centers for Nations Roof, met with Hapco National Sales Manager Shari Carlozzi and explained what the company’s needs were for the RoofCare Service Centers. “I needed a product right away that would ship to multiple locations, that needed to fit into the service vans and that would be easy for the crews to carry up onto the roof,” explained Stone.
Hapco presented Nations Roof with a PRK2000 Portable Roof Repair Kit. The kit contains no line cords for easy use on the roof. It weighs less than a bundle of shingles and is small enough to work well in big cities where there are tight spaces. Stone said that her team has been very pleased with the portable repair kit. “We’ve ordered multiple kits and have been using them for months. They are perfect for our needs,” said Stone. “Because they have multiple locations around the country that they ship from, we’ve never waited more than two days for our order to be fulfilled.”
Nations Roof hasn’t had a need for service yet, but they were impressed by how the company takes care of their customers. There is a technician available to help troubleshoot any issues promptly, which was on of the reasons that Stone said her company made the decision to partner with Hapco.
She said that she has seen firsthand how Hapco went above and beyond to take care of their customer when she brought some of her service crew to an industry tradeshow. “The crew was mostly Spanish speaking, and this was their first trade show ever,” said Stone. “It was challenging and little frustrating for them to communicate with some of the English-speaking vendors, until we got to the Hapco booth. The Hapco rep in the booth immediately got his tech rep on the phone who was able to go through each product with them in fluent Spanish. It really changed the energy of the show for them.”
The HAPCO RiOn Portable Repair Kit includes:

RiOn Hand Welding Tool with NEW ergonomic handle
Honda EB2000 50 States Compliant, 46lbs Generator
40mm Nozzle
40mm Hand Roller with Seam Probe
Seam Probe
Sturdy Tool Box for the RiOn

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