By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.
One of the things we love the most here at the Coffee Shop is meeting the contractors who are part of our online community.
I recently had the chance to talk with Robert Bruce, an estimator at John J. Campbell Co., Inc., from Memphis, Tennessee. I always like to ask how people came to work in the roofing industry and Robert explained that he’s always worked in construction, having grown up with a father who was in the business.
He has memories of being on job sites with his father with the smell of asphalt in the kettles filling the air. After spending years in roofing, Robert decided he wanted to take a hiatus and became a carpenter. That eventually led him into concrete work and a path back into roofing – this time as an estimator. He focuses mostly on new construction projects, working with anywhere from 15 – 20 general contractors each week.
Robert was happy to win the case of GREEN LINK Engineering’s adhesive/sealant. He said he thinks it will come in handy for their repair crews to have on hand and thinks that it’s better for the environment and the crews who will be using it.
The adhesive/sealant has been specially formulated to adhere to EPDM, PVC, Granulated Modified Bitumen, and TPO (with TPO primer). It is based on polyether chemistry and cures by exposure to moisture, so it can be applied to damp surfaces and will not shrink upon curing. It won’t discolor from UV exposure, can be applied at temperatures as low as 32°F, and is capable of joint movement in excess of 35%.
When I asked Robert what he likes about, he said he really enjoys seeing photos that we share. “Sometimes you see a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things on roofs,” said Robert. “I also appreciate seeing some of the really beautiful roofs too.” He also said he uses the site to stay on top of what’s happening in the roofing industry.
Another thing we love is giving away prizes! It’s not too late to get your free sample and be entered to win a case of sealant/adhesive in the coming months. Request your sample.

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