Three more winners will be selected to celebrate STINGER winning the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award.  
With his business located in coastal Georgia, Jarrett has been a little busy these past few weeks with all the problems that come with hurricanes. We finally connected this week to learn a little more about him and congratulate him on being the week two winner of National Nail’s giveaway. 
Jarrett was happy to hear that he was selected as the winner because, as he says, “I don’t usually win things,” and also because he is looking forward to trying out the STINGER CH-38-2 Cap Hammer. “I’ve seen it at my supplier and have been thinking about giving it a try, so this is perfect timing,” he explained.  
In talking with Jarrett, it became clear that he is interested in using the best products and technologies in his business. He and a partner started Northeast Quality Georgia Roofs more than 10 years ago after realizing that there were a lot of contractors in his area not using the latest products and technologies. and he admits that they didn’t know anything about roofing at the time. Their backgrounds were in real estate and naval recruiting. He said they reached out to the manufacturers and said, “teach us about the best products and the right installation methods.” This turned out to be a good approach for their business as Jarrett says, “We didn’t have the opportunity to learn any bad habits.”  
The two expanded their business a few years later and opened Coastal Georgia Quality Roofs. The coast of Georgia features many beautiful, custom-built homes with owners who want a custom, durable roof system for protection from the coastal winds, storms and hurricanes. Jarrett says that they chose to offer Atlas StormMaster Shingles because of their Class 4 impact resistance, their 130-mph limited wind warranty and their resistance to algae – a common problem in humid, coastal Georgia.  
He’s glad he chose that product to offer because it was his Atlas sales rep that introduced him to where Jarrett entered to win the STINGER CH-38-2 Cap Hammer. When asked why he likes the Coffee Shop, Jarrett was quick to answer that it’s nice to have a place to get articles and information about the industry and not just read technical content.  “The articles are very light reads, they aren’t full of technical specifications, and it’s nice to read positive information about our industry,” he explained. Jarrett said that he also follows on social media and frequently sees content that he is able to share on his own company’s social media accounts.  
Congrats to Jarrett on his win! Don’t worry, the contest isn’t over yet! To celebrate their recent 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award, National Nail is giving away a FREE STINGER CH38-2 Cap Hammer every week. Enter to win yours today.  

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