Brian Lundquist spends much of his work time managing projects in the Houston, Texas area.
By Karen Edwards, RCS Editor. 
Brian Lundquist started his career in the roofing industry on the roof as part of an installation crew. He spent two to three days a week installing commercial roofs and the other days he was learning to be an estimator. He credits learning in the field with speeding up the learning curve and giving him excellent problem-solving skills on the roof.
These days, he’s an estimator and project manager with Nations Roof in Houston and still spends a lot of time on the roof. “Once you get roofing into your blood, it’s hard to get it out,” said Brian. In fact, when I called his cell phone he was on site at a six-story hospital project and needed to move to an area that was less windy so we could hear each other.
When asked what he likes best about his job he was quick to answer. “I like the everyday challenge that my position presents. As you know, every job is different and you don’t run into the same thing twice,” he explained.
When he found out he won the voltmeter from Hapco, Inc. he was thrilled. “It was a nice treat out of nowhere,” said Brian. He was excited to learn he was the winner because as he says, he’s been out on the job when a generator has gone down or hasn’t been pulling enough amps. “Now I have a way to test it. It really comes in handy,” he said.
His team uses BAK welders from Hapco, Inc and Brian described the welders as real work horses. “They keep their temperature and pace and don’t have some of the issues that you see in other welders,” he said.
What does he think of Brian said he really likes the forum because it’s a hands-on forum for people who are 100 percent immersed in the industry. “It spans every level of roofing – from someone who is doing their very first tear off to the CEO of a contracting company. You can post a question and get multiple viewpoints on the topic,” he explained. “And it gives me a nice break in the morning when I want to look at some of the photos and get a good laugh at some of the things people have done.”

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