RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says technology is here to stay and the decision we face on a regular basis is how to better serve our customers using the tools we have available to us.
Each year at Elite Roofing Supply, we have implemented a technological solution that changed the way a department or area of our business is run. Last year we went live on Billtrust to allow our customers to pay their bills online and view their invoices and statements online at their convenience. This eliminated the stuffing of thousands of envelopes each month, created a new channel of communication between us and our customers and it answered a need our customers had to have access to their information on demand.
We also implemented Fleetmatics a couple years ago which has enabled us to give customers real-time updates on when their material will be arriving on site without having to call our crew while they are on the road.
Just as it has in our personal lives, the iPhone has truly changed the way we conduct business. All Elite drivers and salespeople are issued iPhones. We have our sales software on the phone, so our salespeople can provide quotes when on the road. Our drivers use their iPhones to FaceTime with their Ops Manager if they’re trying to assess how to best load the roof or gain access to a job site. And both sales and operations use the phones to capture photos of a completed delivery or a prospective job site. We believe in having one cell phone platform for all employees in order to have a united strategy on how Elite will use the technology we issue.
We have a few new technologies that we are considering today but we’ve learned to spend the extra time up front doing our due diligence, creating our rollout plan, etc. to ensure a successful implementation.
Sarah Weiss is a founding partner and COO of Elite Roofing Services. Her full bio can be found here.
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