Working in the roofing industry for over a decade has allowed Art Unlimited the opportunity to identify the dead giveaways that hurt a business’s marketing. This week we talk about Mistake #2 – Not Sharing Your Charitable Giving.
By Art Unlimited.
Mistake #2 – Not Sharing Your Charitable Giving
Why should you share your charitable giving? This seems like a very private thing that not very many people talk about. It can, however, have a big impact on the future of your business. The newest generation is entering the workforce and “Generation Z” is starting to shape society’s purchasing behaviors. Sharing your contributions to your community expresses that your business has strong values, and that’s something new consumers don’t take lightly.
According to Vision Critical, Generation Z is much more “culture” minded than previous generations. They will turn down a job or refuse to purchase goods from a business based on what that business values and does for their local communities and how they contribute to social justice. If you want to attract new customers and job applicants, display how your business is making an impact on your website and social media platforms.   
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